Birdwatching in Sodankylš
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Birdwatching location

Kurittukoski power station




After driving 52 km from Sodankylš to the north on E 75, turn left 2 km from the Peurasuvanto Holiday Village at a road sign reading KEMIJOKI OY, KURITTUKOSKI. It is about 300 m to the power station. Another good place to observe the reservoir is 1 km from the intersection to the north at the gravel area on the left.




Waterfowl seen at Kurittukoski in the spring 15 April - 20 June and August - October are the Black-throated and Red-throated Diver, Long-tailed Duck, Common and Velvet Scoter, Scaup and Cormorant. Common and Arctic Terns, Ospreys and the Great Black-backed Gulls, among others, nest near the power station. White-tailed Eagles can be seen fishing here year round.


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