Birdwatching in Sodankylš
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Birdwatching location

Kurkiaska power station




After driving 13 km south of Sodankylš, turn left at a sign that indicates KEMIJOKI OY, KURKIASKA. This road goes about 0.5 km to the edge of a reservoir dam and goes on 4 km to a power station. Almost the whole dam embankment provides a good view to the reservoir.




The best time to watch birds is during the spring migration season 20 April - 30 June. The reservoir gathers waterfowl such as the Black-throated and Red-throated Diver, Common and Velvet Scoter, Long-tailed Duck, Smew and Little Gull. The most common birds of prey seen here are Ospreys and Merlins. The reservoir embankments thaw early in the spring and gather migratory birds such as the Shore Lark and Twite that can be seen nearly every year, especially 20 April - 20 May. Flocks of waterfowl collect at the reservoir in the autumn and Goosanders linger up until the reservoir freezes.


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