Birdwatching in Sodankylä
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After driving east from Sodankylä 46 km on Route 967 to Savukoski, turn north at Tanhua and drive 38 km on Route 9673 to the village of Lokka. It is worthwhile to stop at the Lokka reservoir and look out from the reservoir embankment towards the village. Another lookout is found by driving west from the village of Lokka to the reservoir from the shore. After about 7 km at Hanhireikä the dam embankment appears close to the road on the right. On the left is open bog. Good birdwatching places are found where streams flow into the reservoir, places that are accessible via logging roads. The best way to get to know the reservoir is by boat.




Waterfowl visible at the reservoir are Long-tailed Ducks, Velvet and Common Scoters and Smews. The most common birds of prey are the White-tailed Eagle and Osprey. With a bit of luck you may get to see the Peregrine Falcon. Birds often seen at Hanhireikä are the Waxwing, Siberian Jay, Pine Grosbeak and Rustic Bunting. Lokka is a large lake which gathers many migratory birds and during the migration season arctic waders can be spied on its muddy shores. The birds of the Lokka reservoir are not well-known, and its large bodies of water and marshy shoreline can provide exciting experiences for explorers. Rare species that may be found in the summer at Lokka are, for example, the Glaucous Gull , Northern Gannet and Pomarine Skua, as well as the Lesser Black-backed Gull.


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