Birdwatching in Sodankylä
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Birdwatching location

Lake Kulvakkojärvi, Lake Lappalaisjärvi




At the village of Riipi, the road to Vuojärvi turns off. Drive about 12 km on this road, until you turn right onto a logging road to the right and again right immediately at the next intersection. After driving about 2 km on this road Lake Kulvakkojärvi is visible on the left. 4 km from Lake Kulvakkojärvi towards Vuojärvi, Lake Lappalaisjärvi, which is worth a visit, is located on the right.




The Common Scoter and Velvet Scoter both nest at Lake Kulvakkojärvi. The Smew and Bean Geese, among others, may be seen there in the migration season.It is highly probable to see Rustic Buntings in the marshes on the shore. Among others, the Black-throated Diver and Smew nest at Lake Lappalaisjärvi.


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